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The creamy head, the cloudy, apricot color and the scent of yeast and citrus, which releases spicy harmonies of coriander and peeled oranges, call you from the glass. ISAAC is ideal as an aperitif or drank with fresh food and summery dishes. Refreshing to the palate, it has a light body and is very easy to drink.

Wayan is made with a combination of cereals – barley, spelt, and wheat – and evokes memories of the countryside and sunny citrus plantations, whose aromas go perfectly together with the scents of orange blossom, pear and bergamot and titillate the palate with clean and peppery notes. Fizzy and extremely thirst-quenching, it has an unmistakable dark golden-orange color and is slightly cloudy, at times even opalescent. Its intriguing and slightly pungent elegance gives a unique touch to shellfish and fish dishes, as well as white meat or fresh cheeses. 

Nora, with its charming uniqueness, comes from the ancient history of nomadic people and pyramids. It contains spices and KAMUT®, the very “Ka’moet” which meant " soul of the Earth" in ancient Egyptian. Its warm, orange-amber color is complemented by a tall head which releases notes of Eastern aromas, ginger and citrus fruit. Its scents and sweetly balanced taste are ideal to accompany spicy dishes, but can also be pleasantly surprising with more traditional food, such as cured meats and cheeses, or with daring combinations, such as artichokes or asparagus.

The first creation in the Baladin family, Super takes inspiration from the abbey beers and interprets them with its own, unique style. The clear amber-reddish color gleams in the glass, its smell is reminiscent of tropical fruit, banana and marzipan. Super is harmony turned into beer and leaves a memory of dried fruit; if you search carefully, you will even find the aromas of almonds. Easy to drink, well balanced and elegant, it can be quite tricky: it’s easy to forget its 8% alcohol! It is the ideal accompaniment to food and perfect to sip in the company of friends.

BIRRA ITALIANA: The first beer made ​​100% Italian raw materials only Italian, so as to produce this beer deliberately simple where raw materials (water, malt, hops and yeast) come together in a harmonious and original. A beer that will find admirers but today is "primarily" a turning point in the Italian production of craft beer

Heather honey perfectly delivers the harmony that the master brewer wanted to instill in this beer. It has an old gold color and a tall and fragrant head. When smelling it, the nose is flooded with complex aromas with clear honey notes, as well as a slight scent of bitter orange. The taste is extremely smooth and mellow, it fills the mouth relaxing the senses with a great balance and finishes with an unexpected aromatic bitterness.

COLA BALADIN: No colorings and no preservatives “Cola  Baladin” is a soft drinks which contains no artificial coloring or preservative and is produced with the kola nuts bought from the Kola Slow Food Presidium” in Sierra Leone, and part of the revenues from the its sales will be donated to the Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity to support the Presidium project. Another important and rather odd thing about this drink: the use of these nuts, and the necessary choice not to use artificial colorings, means that this new Baladin drink has a rather 

Spiced top-fermented ale made with spelt and barley malt, bottle conditioned.

Appearance: white, compact, fine and persistent head; lemony colour.

Bouquet: floral notes, aromas of exotic fruit with a slight citrussy acidity and hints of straw, hay and bread crumbs.

Flavour: refreshing, slightly acidulous (due to the spices), in which malt and hops are delicately blended. Quaffable beer with a medium body, although with more texture than other products in the same category


Strong, spiced, top-fermented ale, bottle conditioned.

Appearance: white, compact, fine and persistent head; pale straw yellow colour; fine perlage.

Bouquet: hints of citrus fruit, warm yellow flowers (dandelion, camomile), almond and peach in syrup.

Flavour: an astringent citrussy sensation attacks the tip of the tongue, while any bitter sensation is released on the mid palate. Highly quaffable, typical Belgian watery ale



Highly hopped top-fermented beer, bottle conditioned.

Appearance: white, compact, fine and persistent head; light colour with coppery glints, sometimes there is a yeast cloud; fine perlage.

Bouquet: notes of caramel and toffee with herbaceous sensations and fruity hints of ripe pineapple.

Flavour: well-balanced between a caramel flavour and a pronounced bitter finish. Full-bodied beer.